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Again I write about one of what seems to be my favorite subjects. Binding in Java has, over the years, occupied a bit of time for many Java developers (not that binding is unique to Java). I am thankful for this time because it has ultimately made using really easy.

Despite the busy holiday season now among us (Thanksgiving and Christmas for my family and me) along with the usual stuff, I wanted to write something quickly about NetBeans, specifically about version 6.5 since it was released not that long ago and has something relatively minor but very nice included.

I have, in the post, posted a hack we employ to get JAX-WS to generate property listeners/notifiers in the generated POJOs we rely on for binding (we're using JSR-295).

The NetBeans team resolved an outstanding issue that makes this a good bit easier (although in my opinion it should be default JAX-WS behaviour). Assuming JAX-WS does not yet generate property event notifiers (and last time I checked it did not), you ne…