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Opening OpenShift

Docker has occupied a good bit of my free time in recent months.  In addition to Docker and related technology, all things cloud seem to have really exploded in a great way.

On all things cloud, I highly recommend The Cloudcast podcast.  In case you are not aware, this is well produced, first-class production about cloud computing.  So far it seems to be a very well balanced technology mix and it has also reminded me of how competitors in the technology space can learn from and respect one another...when they try.

Lately, OpenShift has, once again, been very much a part of my daily efforts.  Certainly I have used and been impressed with the prior release, but V3 and the move to Docker and Kubernetes under the hood was, in my opinion, an excellent move.  I am working with others on a couple of different OpenShift Enterprise (OSE) installations but the hacker in me learns better when I play with the latest open source bits, as time permits.

If you head over to it does not …