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Parallel to Lincoln's angry letters never sent concept...

With all that I read, hear, and see these days about folks (not excluding yours truly) expressing themselves, I sometimes wonder about President Lincoln's idea of writing but not sending letters.  For better or worse, there is certainly a sharp contrast between that and typical use of today's communication.

I was not necessarily thinking of opinions, emotions, and perspectives although I do see the wisdom in the Lincoln's method of dealing with such issues.

My issue, at least this time, was being stuck with a particular problem using a technology which is not part of my regularly used skillset.  The technology itself is irrelevant to my point so I won't name it here.

I had struggled with a solution after a bit of reading the documentation, searching for and modifying some similar examples, and experimentation.  The time I had put in was actually very little because I was simultaneously working on other parts of the solution.  That's another way of saying I was awar…

Minishift on HyperV

Although I would not consider myself as a heavy user of Windows, I believe I need to try to meet the challenge of supporting those running Linux, MacOS, and Windows. I recently ran into an issue running Minishift on Windows 10 and Hyper-V.  I suspect regular users of both of these technologies might already be aware of what tripped me up but I thought I would document it here just in case someone needs it.  In case you're not aware of it, Minishift is a very nice project that allows a developer to easily run OpenShift, also known as OCP or OpenShift Container Platform, on a desktop computer. Overall, I had a nice experience installing Minishift on a Windows 10 computer running HyperV but once I stopped and restarted Minishift, and had a new ip address address assigned to the VM, the instance would no longer start.   Now if you're doing any Docker development on your computer and you move around a good bit or perhaps you're on and off a VPN, you probably know that virtuali…