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End of a run and a new favorite?

I just came across a relatively new podcast called The Web Platform Podcast  The Web Platform Podcast is hosted by Erik Isaksen (@eisaksen) and Christian Smith (@anvilhacks).

While I there are a few regular technical podcasts I try to make time for, I have been looking for something like what I think this is/will be ever since The Java Posse slowed or stopped, I am not sure which.

The guys from the Java Posse had a unique blend of current technology, Java/JVM, humor, and overall production quality.  Joe, Tor, Dick, and Carl set the bar pretty high in my mind but like many good things they sometimes come to an end.  [I realize it's been some time since Chet replaced Joe but there have not been too many recorded episodes since then.]  I don't mean to discount the Roundup sessions because some are very good but they are sometimes hard to hear.

I do hope The Web Platform Podcast both lives up to it's deep dive of "...'all things' web..." tagline and comes close…