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REST from Boston

Realizing it's been a long time since I (published) a blog entry, here's what I am up to at the moment...I happen to be in Boston to catch a Red Sox game and I have some down time.

I am coding a REST client for the Domino Access Services which are nicely documented here.  This is one of those project that might take a throw-away effort or two before anything becomes of it but it's one that I think illustrates a couple of other nice projects.

It seems to me that over the years, Spring is one of those technologies that folks love or very strongly dislike.  Personally, I think it's like most solutions: if you apply it when it makes sense, it's good stuff.  Forcing technologies that don't fit a problem is asking for frustration.

If you're coding in Java and need to consume a REST web service, the Spring RestTemplate is worth a look.

Another library I have used several times lately is OWNER  If you Java application utilizes properties, check it out.  This is one…