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Time to Go?

Listening to technical podcasts while I am driving or running is a great way for me to try to keep up with changing technology and The Changelog is one of my newest favorites.

The latest episode is on Google's Go programming language.  While I say "Google's" I should quickly add, as does this edition of The Changelog, that Go is very much a community effort in the traditional open source style.

If you have not taken the time to play with Go, I suggest doing so.  I also recommend that you listen the the Changelog and certainly this episode.  It had been some time since I looked at Go and I was reminded of the negative publicity that surrounded the announcement of its initial release.  Back then I paid little attention to the negative press but while I was impressed, I did conclude it was a bit too young for my daily needs.

Go certainly has matured nicely and now has a strong following.  The fact that Go is statically typed is one of the reasons I like it.  Another is …

Up Next

I think it was back in March that I first blogged about DropWizard.  DropWizard is one of those funny technologies that I find falls into the category of sometimes making folks uncomfortable.  This usually initially comes off as looking down upon unconventional solutions but if you can have a conversation about it there may be something more.

Sure there are organizations full of folks who won't discuss anything that's either "not supported" or even slightly off the beaten path.  It's not always part of the reason but it's worth keeping the "resume padding" factor in the back of your mind when having these discussions.  The other thought from days gone by is the "No one ever got fired for recommending ____________" (fill in the blank with your favorite currently popular and profitable software giant).

The last time I blogged about DropWizard it was still new to me but I got it pretty quickly and I think you will too if it fits your use case…