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Raspberry Pi, motion, more Python, and stuff

Things have been a little busy for me lately on many fronts.  There are a variety of projects at work which have my attention and this seems to be a time of year when things pick up before we head into the summer months.

I have however been able to work a bit more with my Raspberry Pi lately and the power of the little guy continues to amaze me.  I decided to give motion a try along with, at least for now, one ip camera.  Before I get into motion on the Pi I must say I wonder how this package escaped my radar for as long as it did.  I have over the years written a few programs which detect motion by comparing images and I have looked at the work of others but somehow I missed motion.  The first thing I noticed about motion once it was up and running was the very nice CPU utilization given the capture/comparison loop.

Motion works out of the box and while that should be the norm, the bottom line is that some software which has not yet approached mainstream can take a bit of configurati…

JDeveloper on OS X

When I have time I try to keep up with a variety of IDEs.  JDeveloper is one I have mentioned before (and encountered OS X installation difficulty before as well).  I don't disklike it although it still seems a bit bloated to me but I have not yet tried to tweak the settings.

This time ADF was my main reason to give JDeveloper another look.  I downloaded the Generic version because I intended to run it on a Mac (running OS X 10.8.3).  Being a command-line guy my first attempt was a simple

java -jar jdevstudio11123install.jar

Unfortunately after the initial splash screen, this resulted in a small dialog box with a Exit button.  I could not maximize it to complete the installation process.

Next I tried to launch the jar file via the GUI which gave the same results.  Looking around the web, I did find several solutions for this problem but some seemed complicated while others did not address this particular issue.  [My own previous solution was slightly more involved than this one.]