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Trying hard enough?

This morning I am in an airport preparing to fly halfway across the country.  The airport, destination, and airline does not matter because what I observed this morning is something to which I believe most can relate outside of air travel.  After I made my way through the parking, luggage check, and security checkpoint, I prepared to sit down and check my email and maybe write a bit of code while I wait to board.

When I sat down adjacent to one of the gate desks looking for a power outlet, I noticed a uniformed individual who was working at the desk or perhaps should have been working.  This individual was talking on a cell phone.  A few things struck me as I noticed him.  First off was his posture.  He was leaning on the side of the counter in full view of any passerby.  He was on a cell phone as opposed to one of the desk phones.  And finally one did not have to be close to him to get the impression that this was a personal call parts of which were spoken in a language other than En…