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JDeveloper installation on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Let's get the "why?" out of the way first - Personally I like to know what IDE's are alive and well for any for any Java development I might be doing especially if it's something new or something I have not done for a while.

Currently NetBeans is my first choice.  Certainly Eclipse is a great standby for any Java development (and a whole lot of non-Java stuff for that matter).  I have tried to get into the in some circles extremely popular Intellij IDEA IDE but so far I am not a fan.

JDeveloper, from Oracle, has an interesting history (I think back to my JBuilder days any time it's mentioned).  It still exists and I assume is well respected or at least used by those in Oracle shops because it does seem to integrate nicely with (or is at least aware of) all things Oracle.

Recently I wanted to check out some functionality specific to JDeveloper and decided I needed to install it on a relatively new MacBook Pro running OS X 10.8.2 (aka Mountain Lion).  After try…