For some reason we all have days (sometimes a few days in a row) when it seems like people all around us have taken a break from thinking. I'm not even talking about the critical thinking I'd like think is not as rare as it seems. Well I've had more than my share of days lately during which I've encountered little to no customer service, witnessed worse than average driving, and heard news reports that seemed to involve little to no thinking during what if any preparation occured.

This past weekend we made a trip to the local Wal-mart. When we saw this minivan with a trailer attached parked like it was, I had to take a picture. Notice how the driver strategically chose one of the few spaces which has a tree directly in front of it so that the van itself fits nicely in the space and the trailer takes up right at half of the lane designed for driving between spaces. You can probably guess bad driving in parking lots is one of my pet peaves (also spelled peeve). If you've been to any Wal-mart in America, you know what kind of traffic there is. Now that's a break from thinking.
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