After a week away, I'm back. It feels funny to not write any code for a full week. I had my notebook with me and limited Internet access during the week but time and energy kept me from coding. We took the week away to finish up a long term project. The project, which was the major renovation of a house that's been in my wife's family for many years, never had a specific time line but it feels good to be done. While we put a lot of time and energy into this multi-year project it was truly a labor of love. Because I enjoy programming so much, on some levels I liken it to software projects I have been a part of over the years which take on a life of their own. When we complete or reach major milestones on such projects we should take time to reflect on our efforts. I took a good bit of time before we left to come home and on the six hour ride back to do just that. It's not all that unlikely that I'll take on a similar effort in the future and I am confident I've learned some good stuff. I wish you the same in your software development efforts and whatever else you might have a notion to tackle.
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