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Working on an application that makes heavy use of Web Services we have come across a Delphi SOAP issue. It seems Delphi does not like to see a nil returned as the value for an integer. This client code written in Java (JAX-WS) that calls this same Web Service works OK. In this case the null data is coming from the database and (last time I checked) it was OK to have null data in a database.

To be fair to Delphi I understand null (nil) is not supported as a value. However the (generated) code that calls the web service should do something besides raise an EConvertError exception and return nothing to the called. I don't really like the idea of arbitrarily returning zero (-1 or some other value) but if a language does not support something, we have to make some type of a logical decision and move on. IMHO EConvertError is not a good choice.
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