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NetBeans 6.0 is getting better all the time. Using it has been fun, interesting, and certainly a bit frustrating lately. I must say I can see a whole lot of great improvements and it is becoming an IDE to love (being an old Borland guy Delphi and JBuilder are my benchmarks).

I found M9 to be OK. Initially I thought M10 was unusable. We have been taking advantage of JSR-295 and JSR-296 (binding and appframework respectively). Both of these efforts are thankfully (and sometimes painfully) being updated along with NB.

Some of code certainly broke (not that we didn't expect it) but after relatively mundane effort our app compiled again.

I was having trouble moving a project which uses web services from the m10 release to anything which came after it. As it turns out I needed to delete and then add back all web service references. This may seem obvious but I had gotten into the habit of using the "Refresh Client" feature (because our web services are still in development and are subject to change). So beware if you're using web services in your project a good rule of thumb might be to try deleting and recreating the web service reference when changing IDE versions.

On the Eclipse front, I have not had much time to try Europa until today. I've been running Ubuntu lately (most of my Linux experience is Red Hat and Fedora). I have found Eclipse to be very solid on Fedora in the past. This (relatively) new (to me) combination may ultimately prove to be the cause of my not-so-nice initial impression of Europa.

Since writing that last sentence I have manually added the latest Sun Java version (1.6.0_02-b05) to Ubuntu (because I could not get the package manager to go beyond 1.6.0). Europa now rocks on Ubuntu (as well as FC6).
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