Eagles still fly...

We went to the Eagles concert this past Wednesday evening in Charlottesville, VA with some friends. I was amazed, no blown away, by the performance. Sometimes we (or at least I) "filter" experiences to see, hear, or otherwise sense an event in a manner more consistent with what we expect rather than the way it actually is. I could easily go off on a tangent about philosophy at this point but instead I'll just admit I certainly have my own biases.

This concert, discounting any biases I might have, was truly amazing. It's not necessarily because I really enjoy listening to both old and new music written and performed by the Eagles although that's certainly true. No, this is more about using a God-given talent with no compromises whatsoever. To simply say we witnessed a bunch of artists who happen to be perfectionists does not do the performance justice.

I believe God has given each one of us one or more talents which He expects, sometimes implores us, to use, or should I say exercise, fully. It's that last word, fully, that I think might lack for some if not all of us on any given day. We don't always have the privilege of being able to make a living fully exercising whatever that talent might be. As I listened to the Eagles perform, I thought about how long, albeit not continuously in one sense, they have been together. What we witnessed last Wednesday was not a band of musicians that just happen to be in the same place at the same time and made some music for a few hours. No, these guys were playing together long before making a living at it was a remote possibility. I suspect each one of them had, and obviously still has, a passion and probably cannot imagine not making music.

Whatever we might do in life, we should consider ourselves blessed twice if we are able to find and then use our gifts with passion. Today I went to the funeral of someone who left us, at least in the words of the rabbi, before his time. I don't know what his time would or should have been but I know he died in His time. I knew this man well enough to say he was passionate about his own gifts but I have to admit that I recognized them a bit better this afternoon.

Next time I write it might be technical again but hopefully it will be with the passion shared by the Eagles and my friend Mark.
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