...additional JARs have been added : 'some maven corrupted jar file name here'...repeatedly

So it seems with the combination of Eclipse, Tomcat, Axis2, and maven one might run into this. The actual error I was getting was, at least initially was the "Initial Server Error". This particular error is mentioned in the Axis2 FAQ section and should be looked at if you get this error.

However, it seems the maven corrupted jar error is not, as of this writing, documented so well, hence this quick blog entry.

The bottom line is there seems to be something amiss with maven and corrupt repositories because this issue impact another related project...and given that I should have thought about this sooner.

If you do get and error in your Tomcat console which says "...additional JARs have been added" every five seconds or whatever reload timeout setting you might have and you're using maven, take a look at that jar in your local repository. If it a few hundred bytes and is not a jar file at all, download it manually from a known source and you're up and running again.

Depending on your OS, file permissions can also cause this same error.

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