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There's a lot going on the world in general and there's a lot going on in the world of programming these days. At least there is a perception that a lot is going on.

This is especially true if you happen to make a living doing anything related to Java. Oracle buying Sun may change some things for the better and others for the worse. Making (more) money from Java than Sun was able to do is not necessarily a bad thing.

Speaking of Sun...I mean Oracle...Open Office has an interesting bug related to printing labels. The procedure itself is documented and maybe even relatively intuitive (if you're a programmer that is). But seriously once you get past these great instructions you may run into this problem: The first page prints two or three labels with addresses and the remainder of the page with labels containing field names only. I played around for a little while before I found what I think is the bug that's gone unanswered in a few places. If you put the cursor on that last label on the page before printing, all of the labels are populated with addresses as expected. It seems simple if not obvious now but it took a bit of experimentation to get there.

HTH :)
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