JAX 2012 San Francisco

Throughout my career as a programmer I have been to a wide variety of developer conferences but today concludes four days of one I have never previously attended.  JAX, which originated in Europe and has been around since 2001 is focused on Java, other JVM languages, and anything that touches Java technologies.  The JAX conference is small when compared to JavaOne and others but the number of attendees is not a reflection of the quality of the conference.

If you have been around the Java community for any length of time you would recognize a significant number of the speakers.  We were fortunate enough to attend sessions lead by Stephen Chin, Neal Ford, Ted Neward, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Arun Gupta, Rich Hickey, and Charles Nutter.  In my opinion, one or two of these guys makes it worth the price of admission but that's not even a complete list.  The material presented at JAX is both practical stuff you can take home and begin using in your development along with theoretical edge technologies which most of won't use today or tomorrow but probably will someday soon.  The stuff that's coming soon keeps what we do interesting, challenging, and fun. 

The conference was held at the Mission Bay Conference Center which is on the campus of The University of California at San Francisco.  This is a very nice setting albeit a bit off the beaten path if one is used to the Moscone Center or the nearby hotels and restaurants.  I don't know what cost if any it might add to the conference but it would be nice to have JAX held in a hotel saving us the cost and time of a cab or bus ride.

My conference evaluation form includes some very high marks and all sessions I attended with one exception was worth my time.  After tomorrow's final day, the one remaining issue I will use to judge JAX 2012 San Francisco is how quickly the slides and videos are made available to the attendees and others.

Thank you JAX organizers and speakers for time well spent learning in San Francisco.
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