Time to Go?

Listening to technical podcasts while I am driving or running is a great way for me to try to keep up with changing technology and The Changelog is one of my newest favorites.

The latest episode is on Google's Go programming language.  While I say "Google's" I should quickly add, as does this edition of The Changelog, that Go is very much a community effort in the traditional open source style.

If you have not taken the time to play with Go, I suggest doing so.  I also recommend that you listen the the Changelog and certainly this episode.  It had been some time since I looked at Go and I was reminded of the negative publicity that surrounded the announcement of its initial release.  Back then I paid little attention to the negative press but while I was impressed, I did conclude it was a bit too young for my daily needs.

Go certainly has matured nicely and now has a strong following.  The fact that Go is statically typed is one of the reasons I like it.  Another is the fact that is has a limited, but nicely complete, set of features.

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