The Mule ESB Cookbook Review

Not that long ago I began to read for review purposes the Mule ESB Cookbook.  I will start by saying I was a bit disappointed but there's certainly a possibility that my definition of a cookbook is a bit more picky that what the authors have in mind.

I will say the book is generally well written and has source code references as one would expect.  When I compare the book to the documentation and examples from MuleSoft, I don't see a strong advantage with the cookbook.

Generally speaking I like a cookbook to contain a recipe or two of a pattern I might want to create or something similar to it.  I don't expect to find a lot of getting started material or basic examples but then that's me.  To be fair, if you have no experience with Mule ESB (and you happen to be running Windows), this may well be a good "zero to mid-range-speed" how to guide.  For me it's a bit basic and if one is already familiar with Eclipse or an IDE which leverages Eclipse, there's a good bit of non-cookbook stuff which can be left out.

If I had to rate the book I would give it 2.5 stars out of 5 but that's primarily because it's name made me expect something different.

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