Glassfish Informix JDBC

I recently had a need to get an Informix database connection going on Glassfish.  This is documented but what I found was not quite enough to get me going.

I was using the JDBC driver from IBM.  After the driver is installed, there are six jar files in the lib directory.  Given that Informix is one of our primary databases, we use this driver with a variety of Java-based development tools.  Typically this involves making the ifxjdbc.jar file available on the CLASSPATH and you're good to go.

In order to create an Informix JDBC Connection Pool in Glassfish,  I found that I needed to put both the ifxjdbc.jar and the ifxjdbcx.jar files in Glassfish lib directory.

I used javax.sql.DataSource as the Resource Type and entered com.informix.jdbcx.IfxDataSource as the Datasource Classname.

The additional settings properties I entered are pictured below.

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