NetBeans 7.4 recent projects

Recently I had the need to remove one project from my recent projects list in NetBeans.  The problem was I had opened a very large project which was causing the   

I found a few references to where one might find the file which contains the recent project list for older versions of NetBeans but they seemed to be a little dated.  

The file I wanted to find and edit is called

I happen to be on a Mac so that file could be found here:

~//Library/Application Support/NetBeans/7.4/config/Preferences/org/netbeans/modules

I opened the file with a text editor and looked for the project name in the openProjectsDisplayNames entries.  Each of the entries include a dot followed by a number at the end to make them unique.  Once I found it, I noted the number and deleted that line.  

Next I removed the corresponding entries in the openProjectsIcons and openProjectsURLs sections as well.

I have a couple of brute-force suggestions to remove the entire config directory structure (which I have done for other NetBeans issues) but this particular issue was worth a bit more precision.

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