End of a run and a new favorite?

I just came across a relatively new podcast called The Web Platform Podcast  The Web Platform Podcast is hosted by Erik Isaksen (@eisaksen) and Christian Smith (@anvilhacks).

While I there are a few regular technical podcasts I try to make time for, I have been looking for something like what I think this is/will be ever since The Java Posse slowed or stopped, I am not sure which.

The guys from the Java Posse had a unique blend of current technology, Java/JVM, humor, and overall production quality.  Joe, Tor, Dick, and Carl set the bar pretty high in my mind but like many good things they sometimes come to an end.  [I realize it's been some time since Chet replaced Joe but there have not been too many recorded episodes since then.]  I don't mean to discount the Roundup sessions because some are very good but they are sometimes hard to hear.

I do hope The Web Platform Podcast both lives up to it's deep dive of "...'all things' web..." tagline and comes close to the quality and chemistry the Java Posse gave us...so far, so good!!

Good luck guys.

Happy coding,
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