JavaOne 2014

It was nice to get back to San Francisco for another JavaOne.  This year did not surprise me in any way with announcements but it did feel like a JavaOne filled with energy and enthusiasm.  I think getting Java 8 out and accepted was the primary reason but there are other significant ones.

First off, being a NetBeans fan, I very much appreciated NetBeans day and sessions throughout the conference in which it was mentioned and utilized.  While I have known my way around Eclipse for years (and I have used Intellij), when I tell folks I prefer to use NetBeans I get an occasional strange look or question but that's becoming less so.

If you don't know about NetBeans, I suggest downloading and giving it a serious look.  If it's the choice of James Gosling and guys who write code for NASA, how can you not check it out?  Geertjan Wielenga, the guy I consider the face of NetBeans, was very visible at JavaOne/NetBeans Day this year (as were quite a few others from the NB community).  From my perspective, Geertjan coordinated an awesome variety of sessions and demonstrations around NetBeans.  Consider the learning day for children (future Java developers), spotlight on NetBeans in education and user groups, robotics, Java 8, JavaFX, NetBeans platform, real world lessons learned, enterprise, mobile, and web development.  I probably left out something significant but fortunately JavaOne sessions are or soon will be online.  In addition to that, Geertjan and others regularly create tutorials which are excellent.

Next, I think open source (finally) fits Java nicely and completely.  I think the spirit has always been there to some extent but now that it's fully open and the JCP (Java Community Process) is running renewed in that vain, it feels better and I believe will continue to work better.  That does come with a bit of responsibility for the developers but I think more folks are stepping up to the plate.

The communications from keynote speakers and session presenters, including JCP members, was excellent.  The status of a variety of JSRs, insights on Java 9, possibly 10 and beyond, and other JVM languages were all addressed.  [Of course the 

In general many recognizable Java folks are available and willing to learn how we use the technology and that's a big part of what makes it a great community.  It was great to see David Blevins of TomEE both to say hello and to see him present.  David is one of those approachable guys who can give a great high level perspective and then get as technical and specific as needed.

There seemed to be more energy in the vendor exhibits as well.  Seeing folks from JFrog and Zero Turnaround were my favorites but there were many worth your time.  

I think some folks who thought Oracle was going to be a bad thing for Java have and will continue to change their tune.  If you have gotten away from Java for whatever reason, now is a really good time to check it out again.  Of course, I recommend you try it with NetBeans but the command line still works. :)

Happy coding,
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