Firebase experience

I started with Firebase before Google bought the company.  It's definitely a cool technology but as it sometimes happens support is not always great from big companies.

In trying to move an app from the "legacy platform" to the as-of-Google-IO-2016 new platform.  This process seems like it would be simple enough because they built a nice UI which ultimately takes you to an import option.

When I click on the Import button for any of my apps, I get the message I have captured below.

I have had several tech support email exchanges for the past month or so.  They are always polite, sometimes apologizing for my trouble but not necessarily quickly (day, two, or more between emails).

The bottom lines is 1) it's not fixed...yet and 2) I don't think one can rely on such and call it support.

I have a credit card on file with my Google account (I continue to experiment with various Google services) but I have been told this may have something to do with me relying on the free service.

I wrote this entry for a couple of reasons.  First, I would like it solved and I thought perhaps someone else has been down the same road and knows how to get past it.  And secondly, I am tired of answering the same question over and over again and I thought I could simply update this post if/as asked.

Happy coding,
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