OpenShift 3.x - deleting users

I have heard Scott Hanselman say it's more efficient to blog about topics instead of emailing or otherwise writing in a way which cannot be search easily.  Looking back through my blog, I have done this some over the years but not nearly enough.  I should also admit I have googled for issues for which I could not recall a solution and found my own writings. for the topic at hand: I have fumbled through this particular operation despite the fact that it's document here.  I have installed OpenShift 3.x a number of times now.  Given that this involved configuring and testing various combinations of features I have the need to delete users now and again.  When deleting and OpenShift user, it's import to delete the user along with the identity, at least as of this writing.

oc delete user myuser

oc delete identity htpasswd_auth:demo

Also, recall you can get users and identities with the appropriate "oc get" commands.

oc get user
oc get identity

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